1 lakh insurance facility on using My Pay Wallet


My Pay has announced a new scheme of accident insurance facility up to 1 lakh when using the wallet for the first time in Nepal. The insurance facility has been brought to the customers when using the wallet for doing digital transactions.

According to My Pay, the customer does not have to pay any additional fee to participate in the insurance plan.

To get the insurance facility, a transaction of 1000 must be done every month through My Pay.

It is said that the customer’s 1 lakh insurance plan will be implemented two days after the transaction.

The company has clarified that the information about the implementation of the insurance plan will be sent through SMS.

Apart from the insurance facility, there is a facility of cash back when booking air tickets through My Pay and money can be sent to any bank for one rupee.

Similarly, it is said that My Pay users are using cash back up to a maximum of 25 percent.

It is also announcing various special festival plans.

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