10% VAT is refundable when paying Worldlink bills out of pocket


Worldlink users will get a 10 percent VAT refund on their bill payments through Khalti. For the first time in Nepal, 10 percent of the VAT amount will be refunded when paying the Worldlink bill out of pocket.

Former Finance Minister Yuvraj Khatiwada initiated the Economic Bill 2076. Khalti has advanced this rule in coordination with the Internal Revenue Department (IRD) and Worldlink.

Apart from this, Khalti already offers 1.5 percent cashback on WorldLink bill payments and to encourage economy, use promo code GOCASHLESS for Rs. 100 cashback has been provided.

The company says that the additional 10 percent VAT refund will easily directly benefit 6,50,000 Worldlink households towards Digital Nepal. Consumers will get a 10% VAT refund of the 13% VAT charged on the VAT amount.

For this, the Pocket user should be of consumer category and the Worldlink connection should also be of consumer category, i.e. this facility will not be provided for business purpose.

About this new facility, Khalti Chief Executive Officer Vinay Khadka said that it will advance the approach of bringing financial inclusion to all Nepalis.

“In addition, we will work with the government and other agencies in new areas to bring more convenient services and facilities,” he said.

Similarly, Sanjay Kumar Sah, Group Chief Financial Officer of Worldlink said that the offer of VAT refund will advance our common campaign of Digital Nepal and will also encourage Worldlink users to pay through their pockets.

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