18.5 million people use 4G, how many of which service providers?


There are 185 million 44 thousand 450 4G users in Nepal. According to the July MIS report published by the regulatory body Nepal Telecommunication Authority, 18.5 million 44 thousand 450 are using 4G.

According to the report, the highest number of 4G users till June belongs to the government-owned company Nepal Telecom. Telecom has 1 crore 15 lakh 50 thousand 181.

Similarly, private sector telecommunication service provider Ncell has 6859 thousand 773 4G users, while another service provider Smart Telecom has 134 thousand 496 users.

Telecom’s 4G users are on the rise, while Ncell and Smart Telecom’s users are on the decline. Until last May, Ncell had 71 lakh 15 thousand 678 4G customers, but by October, the number of customers has reduced to 68 lakh.

Similarly, the number of smarts was 146,000 till May and 134,000 till June. On the other hand, 4G customers of Telecom have increased by 3 lakh more in June compared to May.

Overall, the number of 4G users has also decreased in June compared to May. According to the authority’s June MIS report, it is 1 crore 85 lakh 59 thousand 522, while in the report of July, it is mentioned that it is only 1 crore 85 lakh 44 thousand 450.

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