200 rupees bonus on receiving money in pocket from WorldRemit


200 rupees bonus will be given for receiving remittances from WorldRemit in digital wallet pocket. The person who receives the amount sent from the pocket under this facility will get a bonus of 200 rupees immediately.

According to Khalti, this cooperation with WorldRemit has made it possible to easily receive any amount of money from more than 50 countries in the pocket account of a person in Nepal, 24 hours a day. The receiving person should create a pocket ID and undergo KYC verification.

After sending the money to the pocket, the money and the bonus will automatically be loaded in both the pockets without doing anything. Its details can be viewed easily by going to the transaction section of the Pocket app.

Saurabh Raj Pandey, Head of Remittance Department at Khalti, said that this collaboration with WorldRemit will help businesses to send, receive, and pay money online in an undeniably simple and hassle-free manner from anywhere in the world.

He said, ‘Since it is a reliable, cheap and fast service, we believe that this medium will be the choice of many people.’

Similarly, WorldRemit’s Country Director for South Asia Rujan Ahmed said that this agreement with Khalti has made it easier for customers to easily send money to their family and relatives.

“We are excited to collaborate with Khalti, an emerging digital wallet in Nepal that promotes the campaign of financial inclusion by giving access to financial services to every community,” he said.

To send money to pocket through WorldRemit, log into the WorldRemit app and tap on Send Money and enter the total amount you want to send to Nepal Rozi at the destination and finally, you can send all the details of the person who can choose the pocket mobile wallet within the mobile money transfer.

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