2023 National Body Worn Video Conference: Insights & Innovations for Law Enforcement

2023 National Body Worn Video Conference Insights & Innovations for Law Enforcement

The 2023 National Body Worn Video Conference promises to be more than just an event; it’s an opportunity to delve deep into the future of BWV in law enforcement. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the domain, this conference is a must-attend (Devon and Cornwall Police, 2023).

Unveiling the 2023 National Body Worn Video Conference: A Must-Attend for Law Enforcement Professionals

The evolution of technology in the field of law enforcement has led to significant advancements, with the integration of Body Worn Video (BWV) emerging as a pivotal tool. As its importance continues to grow, so does the need for industry professionals to understand, discuss, and refine its application. It’s with this vision that the 2023 National Body Worn Video Conference comes into play (Devon and Cornwall Police, 2023).

Mark Your Calendars!

Scheduled for October 10th, 2023, the conference promises a day of insights and discussions. Set against the backdrop of the luxurious Doubletree by Hilton’s Cadbury House in Congresbury, Bristol, the event is organized under the auspices of Acting Chief Constable Colwell, the National Police Chiefs Council’s (NPCC) forerunner for BWV (Devon and Cornwall Police, 2023).

What to Expect?

While the precise agenda remains under wraps until closer to the date, attendees can anticipate enlightening discussions on BWV’s role in Community Scrutiny, the various methodologies adopted, and the nuances of its deployment ‘across borders’ in mutual aid scenarios (Devon and Cornwall Police, 2023).

A highlight of the conference will undoubtedly be the participation of Professor Fraser Sampson, a luminary in the fields of Governance and National Security. As the Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner and an integral part of CENTRIC at Sheffield Hallam University, Professor Sampson’s insights are eagerly awaited (Devon and Cornwall Police, 2023).

Registration Details

The conference offers complimentary attendance for professionals associated with law enforcement and partnership agencies. However, make sure to register at least two weeks in advance. Although the conference is open and free for public sector delegates, it’s not available to the general public, ensuring a focused and relevant audience. Every registration will be subject to review to maintain the event’s exclusivity (Devon and Cornwall Police, 2023).

For further inquiries or to join the event’s mailing list, professionals can reach out to PC Leanne Moorhouse.

More Information


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