4.4 million doses of Vero cell vaccine to arrive from China by Friday


4.4 million doses of Vero cell vaccine to arrive from China by Friday

The Ministry of Health and Population has stated that 4.4 million doses of vaccine against corona virus will arrive in Nepal from China by next Friday.

According to the ministry, out of the 6 million doses of Verosel vaccine purchased from China, 1.6 million doses had already arrived. Nepal Airlines’ widebody plane is going to Beijing, the capital of China on September 15 to get the remaining 4 million doses of vaccine. The plane will bring 4 million doses of vaccines to Kathmandu by Friday.

Head of Vaccination Division under Health Services Department Dr. Sagar Dahal said that more vaccines are being brought to Nepal after the stockpile is over. According to Dahal, preparations are being made to bring the vaccine twice by this Friday. “Earlier, other vaccines were not brought in storage, but now we are bringing them because of vaccine consumption.”

The Ministry of Health has decided to bring 4 million doses of Moderna vaccine daily to children under 18 years of age. Similarly, Minister of State for Health Umesh Shrestha has publicly stated that the process of bringing 6 million dose of Pfizer vaccine has started.

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, the number of people fully vaccinated in Nepal has reached 17.41 percent. Similarly, the number of people getting vaccinated is 19.45 percent considering the number of people getting vaccinated only in the first dose.

Badri Bahadur Khadka, chief public health administrator of the health office in Kathmandu, says that the number of people getting first dose vaccination has reached 51 percent and full dose vaccination has reached 41 percent in Kathmandu district. As the vaccination has now been completed, it has not been given to anyone except those going abroad.

Director General of Health Services Dr. According to RP Bichcha, there is some vaccine in stock in the state but there is no vaccine in the department except in case of emergency.

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