5 AI tools to make your work easier


Recently, AI has started to be used in many jobs. From students to professionals, AI is used to make their work easier. With the discussion of AI, many AI tools are available in the market. After the launch of ChatGPT, it has increased even more. Today we are giving you information about 5 AI tools, which can make your work easier. The best thing is that these tools can be used for free. If you need more features, these tools can be used for a fee.


Copilot is also similar to ChatGPT. Copilot can answer the question in a summary by collecting information based on various websites and documents on the Internet. It can do all kinds of work (writing a blog, writing an email, creating a required policy for a company, writing news).

You can get the answer you need by giving a prompt. You can also use GPT 4.0 for free by turning on the toggle in Copilot, for which you usually have to pay a fee to run GPT 4. By giving a prompt from Copilot, you can even generate the photo you want. It can also be used in the mobile app.


Gramli is also a kind of popular AI technology. Grammarly looks at the tone of writing and simplifies complex sentences. It makes writing easier. You can also ask about writing a blog, creating a project program, etc. from here. It also suggests correcting any linguistic errors.


Dal-E2 is the generative AI of Dall OpenAI that creates pictures based on words. Dal-E2 can do ‘photo realistic, creative and artistic’ work that other tools can’t do with Dal-E2.

Also, those pictures will have a digital watermark with date and time and based on that, it can be known that the picture was created by AI. It is a generative AI technology that allows users to create new things with text-to-graphics prompts.

Chat pdf

ChatPDF is a free AI tool. It can help someone to read PDF. Anyone can know the answer to the question by uploading the pdf file. There is no need to sign-up this tool for students or readers. Up to 3 PDFs can be uploaded daily for free.


Tasked is a versatile AI tool. It can be used to take notes, manage tasks and schedule. Apart from this, you can edit your important documents, spawn content and manage tasks effectively.

It can be used individually for free, with limited features. A fee has to be paid for commercial sponsorship. An alternative to Tasked Notion powered by GPT 4.

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