67 billion turnover in a month from phonepay network


67 billion was transacted only in the month of Baisakh through the network of Phone Pay Service Limited, the operator of the payment system. Lately, as electronic transactions are increasing rapidly, there has also been an increase in transactions through the phone pay network.

This amount has been transacted by users using PhonePay’s network through QR code payments, inter-bank money transfers, various types of online merchant payments, etc.

You can easily send money for Rs. 10 by mentioning the mobile number of the person receiving the money through PhonePay In addition, merchants can get free QR while customers pay without any charges.

Money can be sent easily by clicking on the Send Money option in the mobile apps of any bank and financial institution connected to the PhonePay network.

Any bank and financial institution affiliated to the PhonePay network, can easily pay through QR from the mobile apps of various payment service providers. Also, transactions such as interbank fund transfer, hub payment, etc. can be done over the phone.

PhonePay Payment Service Limited is a leading and reputable payment system operator of Nepal licensed by Nepal Rashtrabank. 60 banks and financial institutions and payment service providers are affiliated to the PhonePay network.

Similarly, there are about 7 lakh merchants on PhonePay so far. Phonepay has been serving more than 14 million mobile banking users and payment service providers through mobile apps.

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