96 percent of payment for construction of National Payment Gateway, operation is not smooth


Even though 96 percent of the amount has been paid for the National Gateway, which is being built by the government for the integrated operation of digital payments, it has not yet been put into operation.

The government has so far paid 96 percent of the contract amount to the supplier, but it has not yet been decided when it will be operational.

The Office of the Auditor General has said that even though 95.87 percent of the contract amount has been paid, the National Payment Gateway has not been put into operation.

According to the 58th report of the Auditor General, the purchase agreement of 242.7 million 80 thousand rupees has been signed with the supplier on 19 June 2075 to complete the work within 29 June 2075 for the payment gateway, so far 23 million 27 million 58 thousand rupees have been paid.

It is said in the report, ‘Although the project has been advanced in coordination with Nepal Rastra Bank for the operation of the payment gateway, the gateway has not been operational even though three years have passed since the agreement was signed and 95.87 percent of the agreement amount has been paid.’

According to the Accountant General, there is a risk that the warranty, guarantee, license period and usage date will expire due to this.

In the past few years, the budget of the National Payment Gateway has been put into operation every year, but in reality it has not been put into operation.

The National Information Technology center has been limited to rumors that the National Payment Gateway will be launched from last August. Even though it has been a year to put it into operation, there is still no decision to put it into operation.

Who is National Payment Gateway?

Payment gateway is an important infrastructure of online payment. Currently, various online e-commerce sites are doing business in the market. Banks are working through different methods and online payment service providers are working in coordination with different agencies.

The concept of National Payment Gateway has been introduced to make payments related to the government easy, simplified and reliable by bringing it together and not having to rely on many agencies.

Mobile service providers, commercial banks, government agencies will be affiliated to the National Payment Gateway. In this, the National Bank will do the work of monitoring and supervision and the National Information Center will look at the technical aspects such as confidentiality and security.

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