A chance to win a Smartphone along


Khalti has introduced a bonus offer of Rs.100 to users who make their first payment by linking their National Commercial Bank account to Khalti. Also, one lucky user can win a smartphone during this offer period.

This bonus offer will be applicable for any user who makes the first payment by linking the National Commercial Bank account to Pocket for the first time.

One lucky user who participates in this offer will win a smartphone. This offer will be valid till August 31. In order to link the bank to the pocket, the user has to verify his KYC.

Apart from this, users who link their bank accounts can directly pay bills like internet, flights, water, electricity and government revenue available with just a few taps using Khalti.

Vinay Khadka, Chief Executive Officer of Khalti Digital Wallet, said that they want to encourage users to get into the habit of making digital payments.

‘Consumers no longer have to face the problem of reloading money,’ he said, ‘many users of Khalti like this service. Because it facilitates them to send money from one linked bank to another in seconds.’

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