A new feature of Google Maps, which Driver’s Liked a lot but not the traffics


We usually use Google Maps when we have to travel long distances or go to places we don’t know. However, the number of people running another app with Google Maps is not small. That is another real-time mapping program ‘Wedge’.

Google Map is more effective in Nepal. Why is it usually easier to move to a new place? We do not use any other facility and other facilities may not be supported in Nepal. However, in the global environment, real-time mapping programs run on both.

Because Google Maps is somewhat more effective and intuitive. Google loads instantly and helps you find alternative routes. Wedge on the other hand. Which is a company owned by Google. One of its features is important. This allows a driver to inform other drivers about the dangers ahead. Also gives information about traffic checks.

But, here’s the surprise. Which is also a problem. You have to walk using two real time mapping programs at the same time. Google has not been able to merge the features of two different apps of the same company. If you want to merge in one place, you can get rid of the hassle of using two apps.

However, this week Google has solved this problem to some extent. Google has added a new feature to Google Maps. In which the driver can immediately inform the other driver of the danger seen on the road. Police checks are coming in, making it possible to give information about how much speed to do, or what speed is appropriate to drive.

Currently, it is available on some Android phones. Some versions of IoT and Android will not be supported immediately. But, drivers will definitely be excited to use it. However, one group may not be happy with this.

That is the police. Earlier, the police had asked Wedge to stop showing the location of the police. However, Wage has not stopped the service. Now the new feature brought by Google will also be a headache for the police.

Drivers driving at high speeds on the road will no longer be allowed to take police action. The driver can detect the speed from Google Maps before reaching the police checkpoint. As a result, the driver can adjust the speed of his vehicle in time.

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