A smile of humility


Actress Namrata Shrestha always talks about smiles on her social media. He argues that smile is the power of human soul. Maybe that’s why she urges her fans to always smile. Humility keeps herself busy in her own world at other times than during movie releases. These beauties, who enjoy running during the release of the film, are found enjoying the natural beauty more at other times.

After the movie ‘Jaira’ released last year, Namrata is preparing to work in the new movie ‘Prasad 2’. Though the movie ‘Prasad 2’ received critical reviews, the audience was not satisfied with the role of humility. That’s why this time in the sequel of the film, he has to adapt himself in a new way.

In the film industry, humility is known as a versatile heroine. At the same time, there is always talk of her beauty. Humility, she says, is one of the most important tools to keep stress at bay.

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