Action will be taken against the staff and teachers who took photos with the candidates and congratulated them and asked for votes


The Election Commission has started action against government employees and teachers who share and like campaign materials of candidates.

The Commission has started action against the government employees and teachers who took photos and congratulated and congratulated the candidates running for the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections on the 4th of November, and shared and liked promotional material.

During the monitoring of the code of conduct issued for the election of members of the House of Representatives and members of the Provincial Assembly, 2079, some government employees and employees working in public institutions and affiliated employees, professors and teachers of political parties and candidates According to the commission, it was found to be involved in propaganda against the opposition.

It has been informed that the commission has initiated necessary action as it has been found during the monitoring of cases where the employees and teachers involved in the campaign took pictures with the candidates and congratulated and wished them, shared and liked the campaign materials of the political parties and candidates.

In the Election Code of Conduct, 2079, the government of Nepal, state government and local level bodies, semi-government and public organizations and border employees, school, college or university and related employees, professors and teachers, project development committees and SOFA staff run by government or government agencies. A clear arrangement has been made regarding the practices to be followed.

In the code of ethics, it is stipulated that one should not be involved in campaigning or campaigning against any political party or candidate and should not post or share any message information, campaign material in favor of or against a political party or candidate on social media or ask for votes through social media.

According to the Commission, the process of taking necessary action has been initiated by asking for an explanation of section 23 of the Election Act 2073 for those who violate the provisions.

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