Action will be taken if false details are given in the citizen app, says the directive


Action will be taken if you register in the citizen app by giving false details. In the Citizen App Operation and Management Guideline 2078 recently approved by the government, it is mentioned that action will be taken if registered in Citizen App by giving false details.

It is written in the said directory, ‘If the applicant registers by giving false information or does or does any work through that app, such person will be prosecuted according to the prevailing law.’

In the said directive, it is said that there will be a committee to maintain coordination regarding the operation of the citizen app and the delivery of services through the citizen app.

Similarly, there will be a technical committee to manage the technical aspects of providing services through the citizen app. Also, the government has canceled the Citizen Mobile Apps Operation Guideline 2076 that was introduced earlier.

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