Agreement between Global IME Bank and Nepal Caring House to resume Nepal Pay QR facility


An agreement has been reached between Global IME Bank Limited and Nepal Caring House Limited to formally launch the Nepal Pay QR facility for the first phase of the National Payment Switch.

Ratnaraj Bajracharya, Chief Executive Officer of Global IME Bank Limited and Nileshman Singh Pradhan, Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Caring House Limited, signed the agreement in a program held at the bank’s corporate office.

According to the agreement, Global IME Bank has successfully integrated the Biller Gateway under the first phase of the National Payment Switch and arranged that various payments including government and semi-government bill payment, credit card bill payment, insurance fee payment, share transaction payment will be available in its mobile banking app Global Smart Plus.

Also, the bank will soon provide other services such as Nepal Pay QR, Nepal Pay Instant, Nepal Pay Request, etc. under the National Payment Switch.

Global IME Bank has always been in the forefront for the promotion of digital payment system which is developing as a safe and reliable means.

Global IME Bank aims to provide access to banking services to all sectors and classes throughout the country and outside the country with 288 branches of the bank in 76 districts, 259 ATMs, 275 branchless banking services, 51 extension and revenue collection counters and 3 foreign representative offices, from about 870 service centers to more than 2.8 million. It is providing service to more customers.

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