Agreement between Isewa Money Transfer and Kuwait Indian, easy to send remittances


A remittance payment agreement has been signed between Iseva Money Transfer and Kuwait India International Exchange, which is conducting remittance transactions based on Kuwait. With this agreement, it has become easier to send remittances to Nepalis in Kuwait.

Nepalis in Kuwait can send money to any bank account in Nepal and to Iseva wallet at a low cost through Kuwait India International. Also, cash remittance can be sent through 8 branches and mobile vans of Kuwait India International in Kuwait.

The mobile van will reach the sender’s home. The amount can be received through the network of more than 8,000 Iseva Money Transfer agents in Nepal and can also be loaded directly into the Iseva account.

Kuwait India International Exchange is a remittance company licensed by the Central Bank of Kuwait established in 1979. Which has been providing services like remittance, currency regulation with smart financial services. Due to years of excellent service, the company has advanced as one of the leading financial service providers in Kuwait.

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