Agreement between Pocket and QFX, now it will be easy to buy movie tickets


QFX Cinemas has collaborated with Khalti to purchase tickets through the app. Now customers of QFX can purchase tickets through QFX app and website or through the pocket app. Pocket users can purchase tickets within 50 seconds.

This service is only available on the Pocket app. Before this agreement, customers of QFX could only buy tickets through QFX’s app and website, but now it is possible to do this through Khalti as well. If a ticket is purchased through the Khalti app, the user will receive QFX Loyalty Points and Khalti Points.

Khalti will serve as QFX’s payment partner for the next three years. The facility of cutting tickets through pocket was started from Bhadra 1 itself but now it has been officially announced.

On behalf of QFX, Prasamsa Pandey, General Manager of TeamQuest, hopes that the customers of both parties can benefit from this collaboration. Similarly, Vinay Khadka, CEO of Khalti, has also said that this collaboration will help the company in its plan to become a lifestyle brand.

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