All other electronic transactions declined as mobile banking services increased in April


In the month of Baisakh, there has been a decrease in mostly electronic transactions. At a time when electronic business is increasing in the country, in the month when the second lockdown started, the business has decreased compared to March.

While mostly electronic transactions have decreased, mobile banking transactions have increased to some extent.

According to data released by Nepal Rastra Bank for ten months of the current financial year, mobile banking transactions have increased in April compared to March.

According to the data, there has been a mobile banking transaction worth 48 billion 887 million rupees. This is Rs 235 million more than the month of Chait. In the month of March, there was a turnover of 48 billion 65 crore 52 lakh rupees through mobile banking.

With the transaction of mobile banking, its payment number (transaction number) has also increased. In the month of Chait, the number of mobile banking transactions was 11 million 47 thousand 474, while in the month of Baisakh, the number of transactions reached 1 million 16 million 16 thousand 566.

This month, electronic payments through ATM, Connect IPS, Internet Banking, Mobile Wallet, QR Code, PSO, E-commerce etc. have decreased.

With the closure of the market due to the lockdown, the payment through QR code has decreased in the month of Baisakh. In Chait, 2.72 billion 2 million was paid through QR code, 2.52 billion 9 million was paid in the month of Baisakh.

Similarly, the payment through mobile wallet was 11.21 billion rupees in March, but it was 10.106 million rupees in April.

Similarly, the transaction through internet banking has dropped from 10.21 billion to 10.8 billion. Similarly, the payment from Connet IPS, which has been doing high business lately, has also decreased in the month of Baisakh.

According to the data, 2 trillion 11 billion 432 million rupees were paid in March, and 1 trillion 73 billion 879 million rupees were traded in Baisakh.

Likewise, there has been a decrease in payments made through ATGS, ACC, Debit Card, Credit Card.

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