Announcement of award winners of the social network relatives expansion contest


Nepali business social network ‘Afant’ has announced the winners of the ‘Afant Expansion Competition’ which has been running for two months.

The names of five winners from the Gola system were announced in an event organized in the capital. The winners are Sushmita Dagaura, Sushil Moktan, Sujit Prasad Kushwaha, Nisha Parajuli and Bimaldhan Rai.
The lucky winners will be given 10,000 rupees each and business development training, said Shyam Giri, president of the relatives.

With the aim of promoting micro, domestic and small industry businesses and professions, as well as developing entrepreneurship, the social network called Kinta was launched a year ago. The ‘Afant’ website and app created and operated by Nepali for Nepali is available in both mediums.

Shyam Giri, Chairman of Kinder Nepal Pvt. Ltd., said that this idea came while looking for how to easily market the products of small and micro-entrepreneurs, not only the pickles and niguro collected from the forest.

He said that relatives have been promoted as a means of obtaining information about the purchase and sale of goods between agricultural, industrial and other local producers and wholesale and retail traders and consumers, as well as a means of exchanging information between producers of exportable goods and external buyers and traders.

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