Another success of PhonePe, the number of merchants reached 1 million


The number of merchant network in Phonepay has reached 1 million. Within 3 years of its establishment, PhonePay Network has succeeded in increasing the number of merchants to over 1 million.

With this achievement, PhonePay has become the largest payment network in Nepal, the company said. PhonePay is a payment processing network that connects customers, banks and financial institutions, merchants, and governments in one Internet network.

The PhonePay network has made mobile banking more efficient and convenient in everyday financial activities by making payments easy, secure and accessible to everyone.

Phonepay is currently trading 5 billion per day. PhonePay Payment Service Limited is a subsidiary company of Fwan Soft Group, which is licensed as a payment system operator by Nepal Rastra Bank.

Currently, 63 banks and financial institutions have joined PhonePay and more than 17 million people are using it.

PhonePe is a world-renowned data security standard ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard’ PCI DSS Bhithrituwan certified organization.

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