Apple’s new iPhone 13 Pro running on iOS 15 hacked in just 1 second!

Apple's new iPhone 13 Pro running on iOS 15 hacked in just 1 second!
Apple's new iPhone 13 Pro running on iOS 15 hacked in just 1 second!

Apple sells iPhones with the highest level of privacy and security. The latest iPhone 13 series models have been made more secure with the new iOS 15. But a white hat hacker in China has succeeded in hacking the iPhone 13 series.

This proves that iPhones are weaker in attack than their Android counterparts, even with the latest iPhone 13 series in which the iPhone 13 Pro was hacked in 1 second.

In the 4th Tianfu Cup International Network Security Competition held in China, the Kunlun Lab team, whose CEO was formerly the former CTO of Qihu 360 Degree, was able to hack the iPhone 13 Pro live on stage using the remote code execution of the mobile Safari web browser. And it only took 15 seconds.

In addition, a white hat hacker from Fangu Labs managed to jailbreak the iPhone 13 Pro from a distance in a second.

For all hackers the user was required to click a link on the device and then the process was running. The hacker managed to get the highest level of remote access to this jailbroken iPhone 13 Pro and could erase all the data.

After the iPhone jailbreak, hackers had easy access to all user information. White hat hackers used the iPhone 13 to gain access to manage photo albums and apps. It was possible to delete data remotely.

Hackers have hacked the new iPhone 13 Pro, which runs on iOS 15.0.2, not just once but twice.

In the contest, the Fangu team remotely jailbroken the iPhone 13 Pro, which runs on iOS 15 Pro, and claimed a prize of about 300,000.

These hacking teams will give details of the hacking to Apple, so that these vulnerabilities can be removed. With agencies

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