As in Nepal India is also bringing Strict laws on social media


Claiming unimaginable damage to democracy, India is preparing to crack down on the Internet, including social media. For this, the Ministry of Information Technology of India has taken legal action in the Supreme Court.

According to the ministry’s preparations, such a law will be ready in two months, i.e. by January.
India’s introduction of such a law is based on the claim that the Internet has recently emerged as a threat to democracy.

It has been claimed that such a law, which is being prepared for implementation soon, will protect the rights of the citizens as well as contribute to the unity, sovereignty and security of the state. Only last year, India drafted standards to regulate the Internet.

The new standard, which replaces the 2011 standard, proposed social networks with more than 5 million users, among others, as Internet networks. The Ministry of Information Technology of India claims that if the Internet is not regulated in a new way, it will continue to be misused and misinformed.

The law, which was filed in court on Monday alone, has been seen by many as a response to a lawsuit recently filed by Facebook in India. Legal action was taken in India against Facebook after India introduced rules to disclose the source of messages from WhatsApp. There are about 400 million WhatsApp users in India alone.

In Nepal, too, a bill has been made to make provision for information technology registered in the parliament. This bill has made provision to tighten the activities through internet.

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