Bank hack threat: US phone number used by hackers, cyber bureau launches investigation


The cyber bureau of Nepal Police has launched an investigation into the incident of hackers threatening to hack 16 banking systems including Nepal Rastra Bank.

On Thursday, the hackers had called Nepal Rastra Bank spokesperson Dev Kumar Dhakal and co-spokesperson Nairan Prasad Pokhrel threatening to hack the banks.

“We have approached the Nepal Police Cyber ​​Bureau to conduct further investigation into the matter,” Pokhrel said.

NRB had started the study after receiving the phone call and message. Preliminary studies have shown that hackers used US numbers to target spokespersons and co-spokesmen. Three such numbers were used to call Pokhrel.

“We also received a call from some number, coding that number and sending it to the cyber bureau with the email address they allegedly sent the email to,” Pakhrel said. “They will take further action.”

He said that despite threats of cyber attack on banks including Nepal Rastra Bank to loot money and steal data within 24 hours, no such risk has been seen so far.

In the screenshot of the email forwarded by the hacker, it is seen that Dhakal, Pokhrel and Anil Shah, Chief Executive Officer of Navil Bank have been emailed. The email was created on July 21, 2021 at 3:28 p.m.

The hacker allegedly sent names to 16 banks. Mention of Nepal Rastra Bank, Kumari Bank, Nepal Bank, Nabil Bank, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Machhapuchhre Bank, NMB Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Citizens International Bank, Sanima Bank, Nepal SBI, Everest, Nepal Investment and Himalaya Bank. Has been done.

The hacker wrote in the email that the above mentioned banks have to suffer huge losses in 24 hours. Also, it is not just a rumor saying notes, it is also said not to be a joke.

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