Banning the police from running tiktok in Okhaldhunga


In Okhaldhunga, the police will not be able to use Tiktok and other entertainment apps. The District Police Office has instructed all the policemen working in the district not to engage in entertainment such as Tik Tok by being socially responsible and conveying a positive message to the society.

Chief of the District Police Office, Govindaraj Kafle, has instructed the police personnel to make good use of social media.

In a program held at the District Police Office, he said that police personnel should not be busy on social media while on duty, and that the police should also give positive messages to the society and post content of social interest at other times.

District Police Chief Kafle said that 45 police personnel working in District Police Office Okhaldhunga and subordinate police units have been made aware of the code of conduct to be followed by the police and the use of social media.

‘The police can’t be distracted by entertainment. It is not acceptable to use a mobile phone while on duty and make tiktok’, he said.

He said that in some parts of the country, police personnel have been found to be making ticktaks by using wrong uniforms or weapons, as such activities are against the police code of conduct, so he warned them not to do so.

District Police Office Okhaldhunga informed that contemporary issues related to police duty were also discussed in the program. Rasas

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