Blackmailer ransomware attack on Japanese technology giant Olympus


It has been revealed that a ransomware called Blackmator has been attacked at Olympus, a Japanese radiography company.

The company recently issued a statement saying it was investigating possible cybersecurity-related incidents.

According to Olympus, the incident has caused problems in its computer networks in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

“After seeing suspicious activity, we immediately deployed a special team including forensic experts. In the course of the investigation, we have stopped data transfer to the affected systems as well as informed outside stakeholders, ”the statement said.

But according to people familiar with the incident, Olympus is suffering from a ransomware attack on the morning of September 8. The man had shared details of the incident before Olympus.

A ransom note left on the affected computers states that the BlackMater Group claimed, ‘Your network has been encrypted and is no longer operational. You have to pay to decrypt it. ‘

According to TechCrunch, BlackMater is a ransomware-age-a-service group associated with many ransomware groups, including Darkside.

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