Case against TikTok by content reviewer for affecting mental health


A case has been filed against Tiktok for affecting mental health. According to Bloomberg’s report, content critic Candy Fraser has filed a lawsuit against Tik Tok saying that graphic videos have harmed mental health.

She has narrated the experience of witnessing violence, school shootings, death and cannibalism. She said that due to all this, she does not sleep at night and even when she sleeps, she wakes up with very scary dreams.

Tiktok makes content reviewers work up to 12 hours, with only one one-hour lunch break and two 15-minute breaks provided by the company.

Since there are many contents, the content moderator can watch one video only for 25 seconds and even then he has to watch three or four videos at once.

Tiktok said to keep only a 4-hour shift due to high mental stress while reviewing the content, but it has been found that this guideline is not being implemented.

Critics watch such content themselves so that viewers do not watch bad things. As a result, it is said that their mental health is deteriorating. A similar case was filed against Facebook in 2018.

A content reviewer (Facebook moderator) who works on Facebook said that she had to face psychological problems in the parliamentary committee. It was revealed in the Irish Parliament that a reviewer who does ‘content review’ on Facebook has to look at ‘graphic’ content for eight hours a day.

Isabella Plunkett filed a lawsuit against Facebook in 2018. His job is to review posts on the Facebook platform – which include content such as violence, exploitation, extremism, abuse and suicide.

Because the reviewer has signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as part of their employment contract, the reviewer cannot tell friends or family about the scenes they saw while working.

Mediators are required to sign a disclaimer before starting work, which also states that material exposed on the job may cause poor mental health and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

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