Case filed against three former US intelligence officials who admitted to providing hacking services to the UAE


Three former U.S. intelligence officials have admitted to providing hacking services to the UAE against the country’s laws.

U.S. law enforcement officials say the defendants are willing to pay १७ 1.7 million to settle the case.

They have been accused of computer hacking, device access fraud and export control violations.

He is said to have hacked servers, computers and phones around the world for an unnamed company in the UAE.

It is understood that UAE officials and the accused have not responded in this regard.

Earlier this year, the UAE was accused of using malware created by the Israeli company NSO Group to spy on journalists, rival governments and opponents.

The U.S. Department of Justice says former intelligence officials Mark Bayer, Ryan Adams and Daniel Gerrick initially worked for the U.S. government to provide cyber services to the UAE government under the International Traffic in Arms Regulation.

“Hackers and their accomplices who engage in such activities in violation of US law must be prosecuted as criminals,” said Mark Lesko, assistant attorney general for the Department of Justice’s National Security Division.

The Justice Department said it had filed a lawsuit against the defendants, demanding fines, cracking down on UAE intelligence or legal entities, and action against those seeking future US security verification.

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