Chance to win 1 Lakh on payment of insurance fee from Iseva


Nepal’s payment service provider Isewa has announced the scheme “Insurance premiums are paid, millionaires are made”.

ISEWA has announced this scheme with the aim of encouraging the insured to pay insurance premiums at home. This scheme will be operational till 5th of August.

In this scheme, one person will receive a gift of one lakh rupees as a bumper gift from the people who pay the insurance fee of any life insurance company from Iseva.

Similarly, the insurance agent of the winner of the gift and the branch office of the same agent will also receive a cash gift of Rs 20/20 thousand. Also, one person will receive 1000 rupees every day from those who pay the insurance fee during the scheme operation period.

This scheme will be applicable on payment of fees of all insurance companies operating in Nepal. In recent days, Iseva has been publicizing various offers and schemes to encourage payment of insurance premiums online.

Iseva is currently providing services to 5.2 lakh customers on Android mobiles and 10 lakhs to 60 lakhs on iOS mobiles through apps.

Isewa has facilitated many types of financial transactions through digital means from the affluent areas of Nepal to the poor settlements.

Insurance premium payment, internet, electricity and water tariff payment, mobile phone, telephone recharge and top-up, airplane, bus ticket, school and college fees etc. can be paid from Iseva.

There are currently 52 banks and financial institutions as members of Iseva. From these banks, you can easily deposit money in Iseva and send money from Iseva to your bank account.

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