Chance to win iPhone 12 by paying Nepal Life insurance premium from Iseva


An attractive cash back is available when paying the insurance fee of Nepal Life Insurance through Iseva, Nepal’s leading payment service provider.

The insured will get an attractive cash back of 0.35% to 1000 of the insurance fee when paying the insurance fee from Iseva.

Isewa also said that you can win an iPhone 12 every month as a bumper gift. According to Iseva, anyone who pays the insurance fee of Nepal Life can participate in this scheme, which will be operated until the middle of Kartik. The winner of the iPhone will be selected through the Gola method.

You have to pay the fee within one week of the date of payment of your insurance fee. ISEWA has been organizing various schemes to encourage payment of insurance fees through online.

Iseva has also stated that the number of people who have opened accounts directly in Iseva, which provides services that can be paid through mobile and internet, is more than 45 lakh.

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