Chinese President’s as ‘Hot Cake’ on the Internet

Chinese President's as 'Hot Cake' on the Internet
Chinese President's as 'Hot Cake' on the Internet

As of this writing, Chinese President Xi Jinping has returned from a two-day official visit to Nepal. President Xi returned home on Sunday afternoon after concluding his 23-year visit to Nepal as the head of state of China.

Xi, who landed in Kathmandu on a special plane at 5.45 pm on Saturday, spent 21 hours in Nepal. His farewell was as grand as the way he was welcomed. President Vidyadevi Bhandari, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and other dignitaries were present at the airport.

The visit of the President of China to Nepal, which has emerged as a center of world power, was naturally a matter of great importance. His visit has also proved to be important for Nepal. C has returned home with a commitment to assist Nepal in various projects. That is why the issue of his arrival in Nepal has been a topic of discussion for the past one month.

Who is Xi Jinping? What was his childhood like How did he become president of the world power center China? That would be a matter of concern for Nepalis. What are the issues that can be agreed upon when he comes to Nepal, what benefits can Nepal get in his visit, what is the contribution of this visit to deepen the friendship between the two countries? Such topics got good coverage in Nepali media.

As a result, in the last one week, C Nepal has become the ‘hot cake’ of the internet world. C Nepal has been the most searched on Google in the last week. He has become the main topic of this week in the search done by TechPana in Google Trends. That too in the news. Over the past week, the number of C-linked news items on Google seems to be increasing day by day. Looking at the statistics from last Sunday to today, it is found that many people read the news about C by searching on Google every day.

In the last three days, from Friday to Sunday, the most news related to C has been read by searching on Google. Most of the people who read news by searching on Google are from the central part of Nepal. The second and third most visited places are the Midwest and West. Google Trends has shown that the eastern part is in the fourth.

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