Clipchamp’s ownership by Microsoft, video editing in Windows will be improved


Tech giant Microsoft is set to take over the browser-based video editing tool Chapman. The company says that this tool is very suitable for Windows.

Founded in 2013, ClipChamp allows users to create and edit videos in a browser as well as make full use of the GPU to render them. Clipchamp is being used by companies like Google, Dell and Deloitte.

It is understood that Microsoft is currently planning to integrate Clipchamp into Microsoft 365 and possibly Windows.

“As a web app that makes full use of personal computer capabilities, Clipchamp is a great way for individuals, families, schools and businesses to further enhance their cloud-based productivity experience at Microsoft 365,” said Chris Patley, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Office Media Group.

According to him, this app will fit well in Microsoft Windows, so it can be integrated into Windows in the future. In addition, the company expects Windows 11 to improve.

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