Clubhouse audio chat room now available to all users, new logo also available


The audio chat room of the clubhouse is now open for all users. Now users don’t have to wait for the waitlist. After 16 months of its release, the app is now coming out of the beta phase.

The company has also released a new logo today. According to Clubhouse, now users can invite to join the app by sharing the link.

According to the company, there are half a million audio chat rooms on the app every day and 10 million people have signed up for the app since the Android app came out in May.

Similarly, since the introduction of the message system, 90 million messages have been exchanged. In general, it has been found that users spend more than an hour in the clubhouse every day. Clubhouse also plans to release a major update every couple of weeks.

Since all the apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord and Spotify have introduced the audio chat room feature, it became very important for Clubhouse to open its app to everyone.

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