Clubhouse bringing a new feature to invite friends to chat


Clubhouse is going to bring a new feature called ‘Web’ to call friends in the chat. As you can create a private chat room with your friends in the app, this feature makes it easy for the user to call their friends for audio chat.

Clubhouse is going to arrange that you can invite your friends for chat just by clicking on the hand icon. After a few days, the company will place a ‘web’ button on the user’s profile, which will look like the ‘web’ icon you get when you first chat with someone on Messenger.

By pressing the ‘Web’ button, the other user can understand that you want to chat. If they respond, a new room will open. This app was initially launched with the ability to join only after receiving an invite. This app is also liked by people like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

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