‘Community’ feature released on WhatsApp like Viber


Now it is possible to create a community on WhatsApp as well as on Viber. This feature can connect multiple users to WhatsApp at once. This feature is called ‘community’ feature and the company is preparing to introduce this feature.

ADA Devler first revealed information about this feature last October and now ‘Wabetaininfo’ has confirmed it from the beta version of WhatsApp. This feature will be the same as the community feature in Viber. According to Wabeta, the ‘community’ feature will give a lot of importance to the group admin.

So that the admin can create another group within the group. WhatsApp groups can be divided into subgroups. Meta company has recently released this feature for Facebook groups as well.

Also, the admin can invite new users through the community link. This feature will also be available with end-to-end encryption.

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