Connect IPS success in digital payments, 363% year-on-year business growth


Connect IPS, run by NCA, has achieved great success in electronic payments in the country. Digital payment transactions through Connect IPS have increased by 363 percent in one year.

According to the annual financial statement of the last financial year 2077/78 published by Nepal Rasht Bank, in the month of June, a transaction of 2 trillion 37 billion 758 million was made through Connect IPS. In the same month last year, the transaction amount through Connect IPS was equal to 51 billion 306 million rupees.

In June, the last month of the last financial year, the business through Connect IPS has reached the highest level so far. The turnover of 1 trillion 58 billion 254 million in the month of May increased by 50 percent to 2 trillion in the month of June.

During the current financial year, the turnover of Connect IPS has increased. In the first month of the year, there was a turnover of 47 billion 367 million rupees.

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