Corona vaccine supply increases in India, export ban likely to be lifted


Corona vaccine supply increases in India, export ban likely to be lifted

The supply of vaccines against corona virus has increased in India. As the supply of corona vaccine has increased, about half of the adult population in India has received at least one dose of the vaccine.

India is expected to lift its ban on vaccine exports in the near future. India had banned the export of the vaccine after exporting 66 million doses of Corona vaccine. As the second wave of Corona spread in India, it banned the export of vaccines.

Last Friday, India administered 10 million doses of the vaccine to its citizens. It has doubled vaccine production since last April. India is ready to increase it further in the coming days.

The Serum Institute of India is producing 150 million doses of vaccine monthly. Last April, the company’s monthly production was 65 million doses. According to company sources, the company plans to start exporting vaccines in the next few months as no date has been set for the export of vaccines.

Similarly, another Indian vaccine maker Bharat Biotech on Sunday inaugurated a new factory for vaccine production. The production capacity of this factory is 10 million doses per month.

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