Cyber ​​attack on WhatsApp, selling data of 500 million users


The data of 500 million users has been leaked due to a cyber attack on WhatsApp. Excluded data is put up for sale.

Cyber ​​News has mentioned that the data sold is very new. It has been found that 48.7 crore mobile numbers of the year 2022 have been put on sale. The breached data includes data from 84 countries.

This means that a quarter of the total users of WhatsApp are at risk. In the leaked data, there are 3.2 million data of America.

Similarly, 1.1 million data are from Britain, 4.5 million data from Egypt, 3.5 million data from Italy, 2.9 million data from Saudi Arabia, 2 million data from France, 2 million data from Turkey and 1 million data from Russia.

The US dataset is on sale for $7,000. The UK database is on sale for $2,500. There is a fear that these numbers can be used for marketing and phishing for any reason.

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