Cyber ​​Bureau’s request not to post content prohibited by law on social media, action will be taken


The Cyber ​​Bureau of Nepal Police has requested not to post content prohibited by law on social media.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Cyber ​​Bureau urged the government not to publish or broadcast content that is prohibited from being published and displayed on social media by law.

Lately, it has been published on social media like Facebook, Tiktak, YouTube, including abusing people’s photos, videos, Photoshop, mutilating and publishing material which is prohibited from being published and displayed by the prevailing law, public immorality, anti-etiquette content, hate speech or hate speech. It is mentioned in the release of the bureau.

The cyber bureau has stated that it is known that the bureau is taking action against such activities as per the prevailing law and some information and petitions are being continuously investigated.

The bureau has requested not to engage in such activities even during the current transition period as it has been found that such materials are being created, published and broadcast with the intention of killing character by abusing social media.

The bureau has informed that action will be taken under the Electronic Transactions Act 2063 if such activities are found.

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