Cyber Crime and Digitalisation in Policing: Navigating Digital Investigations

Cyber Crime and Digitalisation in Policing: Navigating Digital Investigations

Cyber Crime and Digitalisation in Policing: Navigating Digital Investigations The world of digital forensics has grown exponentially, and with it, the challenges faced by police officers and PCSOs who may not be specialists in this field. On 17th October 2023, as part of the prestigious 5th International Police Education Conference, the London Policing College brings an enlightening seminar focused on bridging this gap (Eventbrite, 2023).

From 09:45 to 12:00 BST, participants can access this blended seminar both online and in person. Its core aim is to answer the pivotal question: What can you, as an officer, do before and after a forensic digital analysis? (Eventbrite, 2023).

Unlocking Digital Forensics: The Roadmap

  • How do you prepare a device for submission?
  • How do you ensure data authenticity and attribute it to an individual?
  • Once you have the examination outcome, which might consist of a vast amount of data, what’s the next step? (Eventbrite, 2023).

To shed light on these pressing issues, a panel of esteemed professionals has been assembled, chaired by the accomplished Stuart Hyde QPM (Eventbrite, 2023).

Meet The Panelists:


With a rich 30-year policing history, Dean, a Senior Business Development Manager at CCL Solutions Group, specializes in areas like Cyber Crime, Dark Web investigations, and has played a pivotal role in the African Cyber Threat Assessment (Eventbrite, 2023).

Philip Attwood

As the Director of Impact at Child Rescue Coalition, Philip combines technology and innovative solutions to aid law enforcement. His vast experience includes roles at the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) (Eventbrite, 2023).

Craig Huldie

The Managing Director at Ckhforensics Limited, Craig’s extensive investigative experience shines through his work with both Gwent and Northumbria Police, further refined by his tenure at Harperley Hall’s Forensic center of excellence (Eventbrite, 2023).

DS Bryan Field

An icon in the Metropolitan Police Service, DS Bryan Field, from Crime Academy, brings 28 years of specialized experience in homicide, sexual offences, and digital media investigation (Eventbrite, 2023).

Going Beyond The Analysis

The seminar will unravel the complexities of modern digital forensics, emphasizing how officers can maximize this tool’s potential. Special attention will be given to “A SMART TRICK”, introducing participants to the intricacies of the modern crime scene in our rapidly evolving digital age (Eventbrite, 2023).

Gear up for an insightful session that promises to arm you with practical knowledge, making you adept at navigating the digital challenges of today’s policing world.

Note: Ensure you register by 18th October 2023, 23:59 PM BST to be part of this transformative seminar (Eventbrite, 2023).

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Eventbrite. (2023). “Cyber Crime and Digitalisation in Policing”. (online) Available at: (Accessed Date: Oct 8, 2023).

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