Discount at Kathmandu Medical College for Siddharth Bank customers when paying through digital transactions


An agreement has been signed between Siddharth Bank Limited and Kathmandu Medical College Public Limited located in Sinamangal to provide discounts on various hospital services to the bank’s customers.

The agreement was signed by Ajay Singh Bhandari, Head of Circle Office Tripureshwar on behalf of Siddharth Bank and Prem Prakash Thapa, Head of General Administration on behalf of Kathmandu Medical College.

According to the agreement, customers of the bank will be able to get a discount of up to 105 on various health services when paying through Siddharth Bank’s debit, credit and prepaid cards, mobile banking, QR at Kathmandu Medical College Public Limited.

The bank believes that this will encourage customers from cash transactions to digital transactions as well as providing discount facilities.

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