esewa Money Transfer enters third year, leading role in digitizing remittances


Eseva Money Transfer, which has been bringing in remittances from more than 200 countries in Nepal, has entered its third year after completing two years.

Iseva Money Transfer, a digital remittance company that was established and operated under Nepal’s leading fintech company Fwan Soft Group on 30 Baisakh 2077, has entered its third year. This remittance company is currently bringing in remittances in Nepal with the help of more than 30 international remittance partners from more than 200 countries of the world.

This remittance company, which came into operation two years ago, giving priority to digital remittance, has advanced with the slogan “My first choice”, and is currently coordinating with more than 60 banks and financial institutions in the country through digital technology, and is immediately entering remittances into the customer’s account.

Similarly, through Iseva Money Transfer, Nepalis living abroad have been sending money easily to Iseva Wallet, which has a network of more than 5 million users.

Since remittances can be sent through digital technology, when sending remittances through Iseva Money Transfer, the customer can send remittances at a low fee. Likewise, this company has expanded its service to every village and city in the country by increasing its agent network.

Currently, this company has more than 18,000 agent networks across the country. Through Isewa Money Transfer, customers can receive funds from abroad immediately and send remittances across the country at a low cost using internal remittance services.

Not only this, customers are also receiving the remittance service of Iseva Money Transfer through more than 100,000 agents network and cash points of Iseva located in every region of the country. In addition, Iseva Money Transfer has been conducting attractive cashback offers targeting both remittance senders and receivers.

On the occasion of the second anniversary, Ajesh Koirala, Chief Executive Officer of Iseva Money Transfer, said, “We are very happy and excited that Iseva Money Transfer has become the first choice of Nepalis abroad by providing accessible, fast, reliable and sophisticated services within 2 years of operation.

I would like to give credit for this success to all our partners, regulatory bodies, employees, agents, customers and all well-wishers”. Regarding the expansion of our services, Koirala added, “We will coordinate with more international partners and expand our services to more Nepalis in the coming days and provide them with more facilities in remittance transactions”.

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