esewa was born with the vision of cashless economy, which changed the way of payment


Esewa, Nepal’s first payment gateway, has completed 13 years today. Envisioning a cashless economy, eSeva was launched a decade ago.

Iseva, which released its beta version in 2009 and started its service on January 25, 2010, currently has more than 6 million customers and has more than 150,000 agents.

Likewise, more than 300,000 merchants, 51 banks, and more than 3,000 cooperatives are connected to Iseva. More than 500,000 transactions are done daily through Iseva.

Esewa has made an agent to extend its services to villages. Where agents help people who do not know how to use e-services to do digital transactions.

Iseva is a wholly owned company under Afwan Soft Group. Eseva mobile wallet was the first not only in Nepal but also in South Asia.

This is how Isewa was born

By the early 2000s, businesses were going online globally. While in Nepal, its impact was very low.

At that time debit credit cards were the only alternative means of payment. After the company was not very profitable, Aftawan Soft started looking for new opportunities. While exploring that opportunity, he planned to work in the ‘Fintech’ field.

After that Afwan Soft launched SMS banking service in Nepal in 2006. Customers like SMS banking service.

At that time, mobile phones were becoming popular and cheap in Nepal. The company was using SMS as the primary channel to inform and alert customers about banking transactions.

It created an atmosphere of trust and security in Gracah. At that time, less than 20 percent of the population had bank accounts.

After realizing that a lot of work can be done from a bank account, the company planned to start a mobile wallet in Nepal. The plan to start Iseva came to them in 2006.

When the company started mobile wallet in Nepal, some companies in Nepal were trying to go online.

When eSewa started, the internet penetration in Nepal was very low. Banking services were also limited.

In this situation, eSeva played an important role by providing online payment mechanism for e-commerce business growth.

Then eSeva realized payment gateway and developed web and mobile based application eSeva.
eSewa has a great role to play in promoting digital payments in Nepal.

At a time when only a few people knew about digital payments in Nepal, eSewa was started at that time. Today, more than 2 dozen payment service providers have entered the market on the path drawn by Iseva.

Esewa is expanding its services to villages. Esewa plans to cover every payment sector (small/large, dealer/retail, private/government, domestic/international) in the coming days and fulfill its callous economy mission.

What services can be taken from eSewa?

Currently, you can pay for more than two thousand services such as mobile phone, telephone, internet, electricity and drinking water tariff payment, recharge, remittance service, airplane, bus ticket, school and college fee etc.

You can easily deposit money in eSewa and send money from eSewa to your bank account. The service of eSeva can be used through the website and mobile app.

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