esewa’s ‘Secure Transfer’ feature allows you to send money securely even to strangers


‘Secure Transfer’ has been made available in digital wallet Iseva. For the first time in Nepal, Iseva has provided secured transfer.

With this feature, Isewa users can securely send money to another Isewa wallet. This feature can be used when sending an amount above 1 thousand.

Ashish Gautam, the chief manager of the company, said that through this feature, Isewa is trying to work as a mediator or guarantee the customer’s money.

“Right now, there is a situation where people are asking you to put money in Isewa, but not giving you the goods,” he told Icity News.

If you send money using the secured feature, you will be able to release the amount only after receiving the goods.

After the goods are delivered, the person receiving the money will click on the request button, that notification will go to the person who sent the money. The person who sent the money will release the money only after receiving the goods or services.

Also, if there is a dispute about whether the goods have been sent or not, a complaint can be filed with proof. Isewa believes that this will also reduce fraud transactions. This feature is currently only available in the web version of Iseva. This feature will also be available in the app in 1-2 days.

This feature is available for free. Secured transfer feature can be used for transactions above 1000. Transactions between 1,000 and 5,000 will incur a fee of 5 rupees, while sending money above 5,000 will incur a fee of 10 rupees.

But if there is a dispute that the goods have not been received and sent, then a fee of one hundred rupees will be charged. It can be used automatically or manually. If you are sending money to someone you don’t know, Isewa will ask you to use the Secure Transfer feature.

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