European court wants Facebook to remove violent and copied posts from users around the world


Can a company like Facebook delete a user’s post or not? There has been a lot of debate on this issue. Advocates of freedom of expression argue that whatever a user posts should not be removed by a social media company.

However, such arguments are not accepted by the laws of many lands. An Austrian court has recently issued a new order removing content posted on social media.
According to the order, the post said by the court of any European country should be removed by Facebook. Also, when ordering a post to be deleted, it should be deleted if others write similar posts.

Facebook has not only removed such posts among users in European countries, but the court has also ordered that such posts be deleted from view by users around the world.

The court issued the order following a complaint against a Facebook post made against an Austrian leader. Facebook has commented that such an order would violate the user’s freedom of expression.

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