Even if you pay money to watch World Cup football on TV, you will see advertisements?


Consumers have to pay a total additional fee of 565 rupees including VAT to watch the live broadcast of World Cup football in Nepal. This means that consumers will have to purchase a subscription package to watch the World Cup.

After taking the subscription, you may be wondering whether you will see other ads or not while watching the World Cup. Speaking to Tekpana about this, Somprasad Dhital, Chairman of Media Hub Pvt Ltd said, “While watching World Cup football, external advertisements are broadcasted. This is natural. We show 8/10 minute ads at intervals. At other times during the game, advertisements may appear as needed.”

Media Hub has purchased the broadcast rights in Nepal for FIFA World Cup 2022 from India’s Viacom for 20 billion 2.5 million Nepalese rupees. After this, Media Hub has signed an agreement with AdPad Acquisition Marketing for advertising.

The company has planned to collect fees from subscribers along with advertisements. For this, the subscriber has to pay an additional Rs 565 to the television service provider in addition to his regular charges.

The live broadcast of World Cup Football 2022 starting from next Sunday will be broadcast in Nepal from Himalayan Premier HD channel. Dhital informed that there have been agreements with three cable networks so far.

“Until now, agreements have been made with Clear TV, Net TV and Via TV. We are also discussing with other cable network operators,” he said.

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