Even when 96 percent of the amount was paid, the National Payment Gateway was not operational


Even after 4 years of the agreement for the operation of the National Payment Gateway, it has not been put into operation. It is intended to operate the National Payment Gateway with the aim of making the payments from within and outside the country completely electronic.

But the contract amount for the gateway infrastructure construction is 95. Even though 87 percent of the amount has been paid, the gateway has not been put into operation.

About 4 years have passed since the contract for payment gateway operation and the contract amount is 95. It has been mentioned in the 59th report of the Auditor General that was released on Wednesday that 87 percent of the amount has been paid.

A purchase agreement worth 240,278,000 rupees was signed with a supplier on 19th June, 2075 to complete the infrastructure construction of the gateway within 29 June 2075. According to that, so far 23 crore 27 lakh 75 thousand has been paid.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology formed a committee to submit suggestions regarding the establishment and operation of the gateway.

From the said committee, for the time being, it has been decided to form a directorate committee to operate the revenue and expenditure gateway of the Government of Nepal through the existing policy, legal and structural arrangements, and it has not been operational until now.

In this regard, the Accounts General has instructed to coordinate between the relevant agencies and bring the electronic payment gateway into operation.

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