Facebook apologizes after labeling video of black man ‘primates’


Facebook has apologized after AI labeled videos of black people as ‘primates’. The notification came by asking the user of New York Times to watch videos of ‘primates’ i.e. monkeys while watching videos of black people.

Facebook has apologized for such an ‘unacceptable error’. Facebook has also disabled the recommendation feature. The company has also determined that the app has a good understanding of the need for further improvements in AI. This is not the first time that league and caste discrimination has occurred in AI.

Face recognition technology was found to make mistakes in the identification of women and other characters many times. Two innocent black men were arrested with this mistaken identity.

In 2015, Google Photos tagged black people as gorillas and to remove this, Google has censored the word ‘gorilla’. Facebook has hired professionals to properly label different colored characters in AI.

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