Facebook buys human brain reading technology for 113 billion


Facebook has bought a startup company that is developing technology to study the human brain for 1 billion US dollars, or 113 billion Nepali rupees.

The New York-based startup, CLTR Lab, opened just three years ago. According to LinkedIn, the company has barely 70 employees. The deal will support Facebook’s vision of making it possible to understand human thoughts and ideas through the use of wristband devices, said Facebook hardware executive Andrew Bosworth in a statement.

Facebook announced in 2017 that it was developing technology that could study the brain for the first time. Facebook had earlier acquired Oculus VR, a virtual reality hardware and software company, in 2014, 2 billion$ in a major acquisition.

As a social network, the world-famous Facebook is currently investing in the development of eyewear technology. This technology may one day be combined with technology to study the human brain.

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