Facebook has started a feature that does not show the number of likes in the post


If you have a lot of likes on someone else’s post, you may feel jealous. Similarly, if you don’t like your post so much, you will feel ashamed. When the likes come low, you are haunted by the fear of not being able to become famous. In this way, when you compete in the race to get likes just like in other people’s posts, it is making your life useless.

Yes, that’s why Facebook is making the feature of counting likes in a post invisible. Accordingly, this feature has started in Australia from today. People who post to new features will know how many likes they have received, while others will not.

The liking feature, however, will remain. Others will also be able to see the reaction to the post and read the comments. The names of some people who like the reaction and the number of comments will also look like now.

This is believed to make Facebook users feel comfortable presenting themselves on social media. Facebook expects the quality of the content to be shared by the users more than the number of likes and that will help the users to take care of each other and keep in touch.

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