Facebook Stories is now also available on WhatsApp

Facebook Stories is now also available on WhatsApp
Facebook Stories is now also available on WhatsApp

We are all familiar with Facebook stories. Storage allows you to post photos or videos on Facebook for 24 hours. It is also becoming more popular after 24 hours because others cannot see it and everyone can easily see it.

Users also like to keep photos or videos that they don’t want to be on Facebook for a long time. Facebook Stories still has the facility to share directly on WhatsApp.

Now you can share Facebook stories in another place – WhatsApp. This can be seen below the current status on WhatsApp.

Soon this service will be seen in the stable version of WhatsApp i.e. all users will get this feature. This is a feature that is not available to all users. This feature is available in the new beta of WhatsApp. Users of both iOS and Android can download and use the new beta of WhatsApp.

In addition, other new features have been added to WhatsApp. WhatsApp may soon open with the help of fingerprints. WhatsApp now has the facility to keep passwords. But, now with the help of fingerprints, WhatsApp can be opened. Due to this, the user’s WhatsApp messages will not be easily read by others.

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